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HTML5 Web Development

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HTML5 is becoming the most used and advanced technology that allows enterprises to build innovative, optimized and visually appealing mobile app for smartphone devices. Today, HTML5 technology offers a lot of advantages for startups on mobile app platform. HTML5 provides amazing tools to cross-platform development requirement; with most of the mobile platforms such as "iOS, Symbian, Android, etc." having considerably varieties of features, firmware, capabilities as well as restrictions. HTML5 mobile web app development creates an outstanding benefit, offering people the chance to utilize different mobile platforms available -" build one time, applied everywhere" solution.

Professional HTML5 web development team

Techelogy has the capacity take on both small and big size web development projects and deliveries in HTML5. Techelogy focuses on your success by offering customized updates and developing full end-to-end HTML5 web development solutions. Techelogy’s professional team creates HTML5 solutions that are able to function seamlessly on and across any software platform. Our experts create and extend your site's performance, reliability, scalability, manageability, and security to provide users with the best experience possible.

HTML5 Web Development Benefits includes

  • HTML5 improves accessibility- create accessible sites easier because of semantics and ARIA
  • The many features and standards help to fulfill the need of web application- HTML5 focus on using easy front-ends to make an easier application
  • It enhances better interactions- Every user wants the best dynamic site that is responsive
  • It allows developers to include animations such as 2D and 3D effects, play music etc
  • HTML5 allows cleaner markup and improved code- it permits developers to use a neater and cleaner code
  • It provides geo-location support- you can find out anywhere you are in the world and share the information quickly
  • HTML5 provides a smarter solution for an offline application cache- If you refresh your page offline, HTML 5 makes it possible for the page to load correctly
  • HTML5 creates a client-side database- it provides you with a better local storage and session storage in place of cookies
  • HTML5 does not have install or download challenges or barrier

HTML5 Web Developers

Techelogy team comprises of a technically savvy and experienced HTML5 website designers and web app developers that ensure our client gets a cutting edge technology. Our HTML5 specialists have an in-depth experience to build custom user interfaces for websites using HTML5 and CSS3, delivering web apps that provide the maximum satisfaction needed.

Our team offers: HTML5 Web Development Services & Solutions

  • HTML5 Website development
  • HTML5 Mobile Web development
  • HTML5 Web App development
  • HTML5 Mobile App development
  • Responsive design.
  • Data Migration & maintenance
  • Cross-platform development
  • Custom HTML5 design
  • HTML5 consulting