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At Techelogy, we have a customer-defined approach that helps us with the planning and managing of the Software Development Lifecycle. Our approach is tailored towards reducing the costs, effort and time you put into working on the technological aspects of your business; thereby, allowing you dedicate more of your time and budget to your businesses. Here is the outline of our predefined working approach

Analysis of
your business


1. Analysis of your business

The first step in our approach is analyzing your business to understand the core values of the business as well as the objectives. Doing this gives us a clear idea of the kind of strategy that will give your business a favorable push forward.

Planning of
the project


2. Planning of the project

With the analysis of your business done by our experts at Techelogy, we move to the next step which is equally as important as the other ones. We design a Scope of Work which is rightly suitable for your business, and we set a milestone and timeline of delivery of the projects. Since there could be certain circumstances that would disrupt the plan, we ensure there is flexibility in our plan to fit perfectly into your schedule.

Designing of
the product


3. Designing of the product

This is the stage where we design the product you have requested for while working hand-in-hand with your team. The designing stage involves the development of user interface, database, architecture and test strategy.

Development of
the product


4. Development of the product

Here, the developers of Techelogy take up the requirements and designs worked upon in the previous stage to develop the product you want. We carry the team of our clients along while using several methodologies to ensure that quality products suiting the exact needs of our clients are developed. We ensure that there is no mistake at this stage as this is the crux of the whole process.

Deployment of
the product

5. Deployment of the product

At this stage, we are to conduct acceptance testing in the test environment of our clients to ensure the clients have a feel of what we have developed. Once accepted, the system is launched by our experts in the main production environment of our client. With these stages are completed, work is done and a project has been successfully carried out.