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Terms of Use

Definitions/Terms: ‘Techelogy, Techelogy Esolustions, Techelogy Group, We, Us, TG refers to website owner ‘You, your, customers, clients, visitors refers to User or Viewer of this website.

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use for using this website.
1.1 Techelogy provide this website to you, users, visitors, customers and all other entities on whose behalf you accept our terms and conditions. These terms are implemented into by and between Techelogy Software and you accept them by using this website in any manner. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use this website.
1.2 This website includes: (i) the data like products, technical, agreement, pricing and other valuable data & (ii) content like text, software info, pictures, messages, graphics and other different materials. We operate and control our website from numerous locations. Some of the Techelogy services might not be present at your location.

2. Your Conduct
2.1 While using our website, You agree to:
(i) Provide recent, complete and accurate information about You as prompted by
(ii) Maintain the security of your identity and password.
(iii) Maintain and update the registration data.
(iv) Accept all risks of unauthorized access.
2.2 You are solely responsible for data and information that you upload or transmit through website. You agree not to post or upload any data that is
(i) Harmful, inaccurate, defamatory, obscene, racist, pornographic, harassing, offensive
(ii) Violates anybody’s Intellectual Property Rights.
(iii) Contains software viruses, files designed to destroy the functionality of any software We have complete rights to remove such content that violates these terms.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
3.1 Apart from items authorized by Techelogy or content providers, You agree not to modify or reproduce or lease or distribute or republish or download or create derivative works from website content or products, in parts or in whole, by any means. You must not modify or remove any trademark notice or copyright or any other notice of ownership.
3.2 Techelogy Trademarks includes all names, brands, logos, marks, trade dress, slogans, designs and other destinations that Techelogy uses in connection with its services and products. You agree to abide by all the requirements of Techelogy Trademark and Logo usage. You agree not to co-brand your own products or services with Techelogy Trademarks and agrees that any such usage shall be related to sole benefit of Techelogy.
3.3 We also respect others’ intellectual property rights as well and we request our users to do the same.

4. General Terms
4.1 All the content on the complete website is subject to change without any prior notice.
4.2 You acknowledge that some information and materials provided on website may contain inaccuracies or errors and we are not abided to any liability for any such errors to the fullest extent as permitted by law.
4.3 Use of any information from this material is completely at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any services, products or material available on website meet your specific requirements.
4.4 Your usage of this website or any unauthorized usage of material from website is subject to law.

5. Disclaimer
The information present on this website if for general purposes only. Although we attempt to keep all the information updated, we do not give any warranty of any type about accuracy, availability and reliability of information, materials and related graphics present on website. In any case, we are not liable for any direct or indirect or consequential damage or loss in connection to usage of this website. We give our best to improve your experience while using this website. Techelogy is not responsible for temporary unavailability of website due to technical issues that are beyond our control.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to Techelogy website. This privacy statement governs the information that we collect from you when you use this website. This policy covers how Techelogy website collects, uses and protects the information that we gather through your use of Techelogy website and online/offline communications. We may collect this information through online/offline registrations, communications, interactions and sales inquiries. Please note that this policy may still apply if you choose private browsing.

Whatever may be the mode of information, we want to convey that we respect the privacy of your information. All the personal and organizational information gathered or tracked by us or knowingly given by you, are handled carefully by us.

We don’t sell the names or any personal information of our customers or users to any of the outside vendors.

We maintain complete confidentiality while undertaking the projects with other companies or individuals.

Techelogy may collect following information, but not necessarily limited to:
• Contact information like name, physical address, email address, company details and telephone number.
• Transactional information about products and services you purchase or download.
• User preferences like areas of interest, product requirements, community choices or other info, while it is provided when user is using the website.
• Credit/Debit card and payment information, we have designed the usage of such financial information in a manner to safeguard against unauthorized access.
• Other data which may include, but not limited to, call recordings, data collected through automated electronic interactions, browser and device information, application usage data, geo-location info, etc.

A cookie is a small amount of encrypted data that is saved on your hard drive to deliver web content to you. Our website uses cookies that enable you to sign in and help in personalizing your online experience. Many browsers save cookies by default. We use cookies to save your information and preferences.

Refund Policy

Cancellation policy
If client wants to cancel any project at any point of time, then the cancellation request should be submitted to us in written manner with an authorized signature. If project is cancelled due to any reason, before completion, we will issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point of time, depending on the resources used for that work. Any project delay from client’s side lasting longer than 30 days will be considered as cancelled by Techelogy and it will not get restarted unless we receive the request in written to restart the project. In such cases, we will issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point of time, depending on the resources used for that work.
Refund Policy
Techelogy follows the refund policy as stated below and any client by registering for any of our services agrees to accept our refund policy.
This refund policy does not apply to any companies or persons that we do not manage or employ, including third-party service providers or websites.
Before filing a complaint for refund, all possible attempts for achieving acceptable solution should be a priority. Refund will be considered as a last resort when nothing is working out between us and our clients.
Refund requests will only be considered if we are unable to reach mutually satisfying solution.
We handle every project in a best possible and professional manner so as to deliver results as proposed earlier. However in adverse conditions, if we are unable to complete client’s requests, then we consider refunds as follows:
• 80% refund of the kick-start amount if project is not kick-started (Not started at all).
• If the project is terminated at any stage of the execution, whether it may be after design creation, build development or any other phases, the refund will depend upon the amount of work done. Partial refund will be done based on resources used until that stage of the project.
• If the project is completed and deployed on the server, no refunds will be done.
• Any work delivered at client server, will not be refunded at all.
Refunds will be processed within 30 working days after the mutual agreement
. Limitation of Liability
Techelogy will not be liable in any direct or indirect or consequential loss of revenue that may arise related to projects we have developed. We reserve full rights to terminate any project at any point of time without any liability. Techelogy is not responsible for any issues, damages or downtime resulting from use of any of our services indirectly. Third party services are considered as independent of those provided by Techelogy. We may change the refund/cancellation policy without any prior notice and may amend this policy time to time. Please review the policy periodically. Your continued use of our website after any amendments implies your acceptance.